arc edition

arc edition® stands for innovative, high quality broadloom carpet for commercial use from Balta’s Broadloom Division
including: Balta Broadloom and ITC.


“To be the leading, preferred supplier of a broad range of broadloom styles in European markets”


We want to grow the market share in all channels in key European
contract markets through a distinct combination of delivery performance,
quality control and a well-balanced commercial policy.
We believe in well-engineered commercial and innovative product development for each
We want to create the best possible value for our stakeholders and
reinforce our position as the European leader of textile floorcoverings.


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It’s the people at arc edition® that really make the difference!
arc edition® is proud to have a workforce of highly skilled and
driven men and women from many different nationalities,
whose initiative and energy allows arc edition® to achieve its
ambitious goals. Engaging with its employees and empowering
them to be both creative and productive will continue to
be essential to the long-term success of the group.
arc edition® employs the best candidates and
provides training to develop skills and nurture talent, making
sure that its people feel at home in its


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arc edition® understands its responsibility to
the communities in which it operates and
the environment as a whole.
With the aim of reducing its energy consumption
and waste output, arc edition® is developing
more sustainable products, and improving
production methods and procedures.
Such is the arc edition® commitment
to reducing its reliance on fossil fuel energy that
it has recently completed three solar
energy projects with a total of 50,000 solar panels
covering an area of approximately 271,000 m2
(54 football pitches) upon factory roofs.
The production of this renewable energy
will allow the group to reduce its CO2 emissions
by 95 million kg over the next 20 years.

Download here our sustainability statement


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With state-of-the-art vertically integrated production facilities, the
arc edition® is constantly looking to improve its operations on all
levels, applying the principles of ‘LEAN’ manufacturing. A Total Quality
Management system in all production plants ensures
that products from arc edition® are safe and perform well.


people image Creativity and innovation abound in new products, colours and designs driven by market need. The product development team at arc edition® keep a close eye on international trends and make sure that it stays one-step ahead in each sector of the markets it operates in.
As a market leader, arc edition® is not only seen as a trend setter in broadloom carpet, but also as a pioneer in new flooring technologies and solutions.


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The contract market is extremely demanding, hence our high quality standards.
Our thorough in-house, as well as external testing procedures are your guarantee
of premium quality. arc edition® only delivers products that fully comply with
stringent European regulations regarding durability, appearance retention,
the environment and fire classes.
Official testing certificates and ISO certification are the pinnacle of our quality policy.


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Carpet is more than merely a functional floor
covering, it transforms the room completely.
Carpet is the finishing touch, a visual striking part
of the project that reflects not only the standard
of your work, but also the image of your
Apart from our standardcollections on stock,
we offer you the opportunity to add your own
corporate or personal identity to the product with
our ‘B Creative’ chromojet printed collection.


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Price is not the sole, but an important parameter for
your project. Our far-reaching vertical integration,
from our own yarn extrusion through to the finished
goods, supported by our professional know-how,
guarantee an extraordinary price/quality ratio.