arc edition produces 3 different types of yarn. Solution dyed yarns offer increased light fastness and stain resistance, whereas dyed yarns have a unique multi-coloured look. There is our own branded polyamide yarn IMPREL, made in-house from start to finish. And recently, we’ve integrated ECONYL® yarn into some of our products: a yarn made out of 100% recycled content.

Our own branded polyamide yarn IMPREL is made in-house from start to finish


Our own branded polyamide yarn is produced in our fully integrated extrusion plant. This means yarn quality control is entirely in our hands from start to finish. The result of this quality assurance process is perfectly shown in ‘The Suite Symphony Collection’.

Solution dyed yarn

Some of our types of yarn are solution dyed. Solution dyed yarns offer increased light fastness and better stain resistance, as does the ‘e-ssential’ collection.

With the solution dyeing method, colour is added to the liquid state of the fibre components, before the fibre is actually produced. First polymers are fed into the top of the machine and are forced through tiny holes called spinnerettes. The liquid is drawn out, leaving the newly created yarn. During that process colour pigments are added into the polymers. So when the fibre is extruded from the holes, it already has the desired colour.

Fully absorbed fibres
This is key as the colour is fully part of the fibre. When a fibre is dyed post-production (and this is the case in traditional dyeing methods), the dye soaks into the fibre and fills the fibre’s cells. However, there will always be cells in the fibre that didn’t absorb the dye. 

Download the hand-out Solution Dyed

ECONYL® yarn

ECONYL® is a yarn with 100% recycled content, made from recovered fishing nets. With every new product we produce, we reduce the waste in our seas. 
Used in:

  • Blaze W2W 100% ECONYL®
  • Gleam W2W partly made of ECONYL®

Did you know we’ve used the 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon yarn to design both Blazew2w and Gleamw2w, part of the Delight collection? This is a first for arc edition and a premium example of how we explore the possible synergies within the Balta Group. Already since 2011, sister company modulyss took up a pioneer role by using the ECONYL® yarn in all of its eco-collections. Joining modulyss and designing high-performing wall-to-wall carpets with sustainability in mind hence was an easy choice for arc edition.

The high-grade ECONYL® nylon yarn is derived from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials that are regenerated through the ECONYL® Regeneration System by Aquafil, Europe’s premier manufacturer of PA 6 carpet fibre. It is a closed-loop process, which allows the transformation of nylon waste, into first grade nylon used for the production of sustainable carpet products and other textiles. 

Recovering ghost fishing nets is made possible by Healthy Seas®, a cross-sector initiative created by two NGOs and two businesses, among which Aquafil, that have joined forces to tackle the problem of marine litter. 

For more info, visit www.healthyseas.org and www.econyl.com

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