Create your individual 'Tartan Revive' floor

Discover the new TARTAN styles and their preconfigured design options!  With the Choose to Create collection, you can quickly and easily  craft your own personalised textile flooring solution. Digital printing technology enables us to evolve traditional designs into new contemporary patterns. Used with Tartan Revive, it allows us to print fine gradients with overlayered colours and large pattern formats lead to flawless, fascinating designs. Choose between cut pile, saxonies and loop pile structure options to bring out the very best in your Tartan Revive designs, and select the performance/comfort balance required for your project. 

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arc edition, our leading brand for commercial textile wall-to-wall flooring, is a sight for sore eyes – so much so that we want everyone to catch a glimpse! We’ve created all-new social accounts to help make our fashionable brand more visible online. As of now, arc edition has officially been launched on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Season Launch 2020

Together, we began our journey in reimagining comfort during our international Season Launch sessions. Revealing new comfortable concepts of textile flooring, our virtual event provided a glimpse into the future.  As we reimagined a future where our carpets positively contribute to better ways of living and working, we showed introductions across all textile flooring tyes, residential and commercial. Arc edition revealed innovation & new styles that redefine interior decoration and re-imagine comfortable atmospheres in businesses,  Explore the newly updated arc edition collection on the website and talk to us about your next project. 

ECONYL nylon yarn - 100% regenerated

Did you know we’ve used the 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon yarn to design both Blaze W2W and Gleam W2W, part of the Delight collection? The high-grade ECONYL® nylon yarn is derived from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials that are regenerated through the ECONYL® Regeneration System by Aquafil, Europe’s premier manufacturer of PA 6 carpet fibre. Recovering ghost fishing nets is made possible by Healthy Seas®, a cross-sector initiative created by two NGOs and two businesses, among which Aquafil, that have joined forces to tackle the problem of marine litter.



Brilliant designs for dazzling spaces.

Delight is a three-strong collection of extraordinary wall-to-wall carpets to lift hospitality, leisure and commercial interiors with shimmering effects and subtle metallics. Discover Blaze W2W, Gleam W2W and Spark W2W. 

New in collection: 'e-force'

e-force is made of 100% PA Solution Dyed and part of the e-ssential collection.

A deep and inviting twist pile carpet in a two-tone effect,
e-force brings classic style to commercial spaces.
With a broad range of colours that resist stains and
won’t fade in sunlight, e-force is a high-performance
quality that’s perfect for setting a rich and inviting mood
in heavy-wear locations.

Bring long-lasting luxury with the endurance of e-force.

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