Season Launch 2020

Togehter, we began our journey in reimagining comfort during our international Season Launch sessions. Revealing new comfortable concepts of textile flooring, our virtual event provided a glimpse into the future.  As we reimagined a future where our carpets positively contribute to better ways of living and working, we showed introductions across all textile flooring tyes, residential and commercial. Arc edition revealed innovation & new styles that redefine interior decoration and re-imagine comfortable atmospheres in businesses,  Explore the newly updated arc edition collection on the website and talk to us about your next project. 

ECONYL nylon yarn - 100% regenerated

Did you know we’ve used the 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon yarn to design both Blaze W2W and Gleam W2W, part of the Delight collection? The high-grade ECONYL® nylon yarn is derived from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials that are regenerated through the ECONYL® Regeneration System by Aquafil, Europe’s premier manufacturer of PA 6 carpet fibre. Recovering ghost fishing nets is made possible by Healthy Seas®, a cross-sector initiative created by two NGOs and two businesses, among which Aquafil, that have joined forces to tackle the problem of marine litter.



Brilliant designs for dazzling spaces.

Delight is a three-strong collection of extraordinary wall-to-wall carpets to lift hospitality, leisure and commercial interiors with shimmering effects and subtle metallics. Discover Blaze W2W, Gleam W2W and Spark W2W. 

New in collection: 'e-force'

e-force is made of 100% PA Solution Dyed and part of the e-ssential collection.

A deep and inviting twist pile carpet in a two-tone effect,
e-force brings classic style to commercial spaces.
With a broad range of colours that resist stains and
won’t fade in sunlight, e-force is a high-performance
quality that’s perfect for setting a rich and inviting mood
in heavy-wear locations.

Bring long-lasting luxury with the endurance of e-force.

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