First International Open Week

Balta Carpets & Tiles held it's first international OPEN WEEK on 3, 4 and 5 December 2018 in Belgium.

This exclusive Open Week, showcased new additions and updates to successful residential and commercial brands and provided a unique chance to see all new developments of the arc edition performance flooring.

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Coming soon: 'e-force'

e-force is made of 100% PA Solution Dyed and part of the e-ssential collection.

A deep and inviting twist pile carpet in a two-tone effect,
e-force brings classic style to commercial spaces.
With a broad range of colours that resist stains and
won’t fade in sunlight, e-force is a high-performance
quality that’s perfect for setting a rich and inviting mood
in heavy-wear locations.

Bring long-lasting luxury with the endurance of e-force.

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We are constantly involved in exciting new projects and keep innovating our offer through the development of new collections and updating existing ranges. Stay informed and check out the latest arc edition news.

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